Your Team of Artists
I loved to doodle and draw from the time I was a
child.  I took some art in school and even painted
a little.  However, I didn't think I had the talent of
a Rembrandt or Michelangelo, and I stopped
painting for years while I pursued a career in the
defense industry.  I never lost the desire to create,
and eventually, I seriously committed time to my
art in 1990.  I painted with nationally-known
artists to further my art education.  I began
showing my work in galleries in 1998.  I exhibited
in juried art shows and began to sell paintings.  I
finally began to believe that my own art might
have worth, and I left a full-time job in the
defense industry to devote my time to my art

Fine art on canvas is my favorite mode of
expression, and I enjoy painting landscapes,
wildlife, and pets.  I have painted murals for
homes and businesses.  My favorite painting
media are acrylics and oils.  
Patrick Treiber
Linda Jaggers
Like Linda, I painted from the time I was a child.  I also pursued a fine art degree in college.  Then I
also got sidetracked in a long career in business.  When I retired, I realized that I finally had time to
paint again.  I discovered that I'm still learning the many subjects I like to paint.  I enjoy painting
landscapes and seascapes in watercolor and oils.  
How We Work as a Team
We paint separately, and our styles are different, as any two artists' styles always are.  However,
we're both trained artists with different ideas, and we are able to exchange ideas on our paintings.  
You will receive a painting from the artist you've chosen, but you will gain from the experiences and
ideas we both can offer on each piece of work.  
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